We have the ability and expertise to quickly and efficiently catalyze the process of provisioning performance evaluation and quality control services for telecom carriers and equipment vendors alike. The last decade has witnessed a rapid pace of technological advancement in telecom and media. Once seen as two distinct industries, the worlds of telecom and media have well and truly intersected, with the smart phone becoming the fastest growing medium for information consumption and media engagement. Be it watching a video, reading the news, listening to music, or accessing the internet, the smart phone is increasingly becoming the singular electronic accessory we cannot do without. Its traditional uses - sending and receiving calls/messages - have long been relegated to the background mere hygiene factors.

This necessitates telecom and media service providers to constantly innovate and create products & services that are multimedia-friendly, enable heavy-duty usage with smooth functionality, and are constantly updated with new and rich information. Added to this, is the pressure on operators to constantly engage with partners, evolve new and relevant offerings, reduce time-to-market and keep customers from straying to competition.

The rapidly-evolving technology landscape, changing customer needs and the need to grow the customer base constantly have prompted the telecom and media industry to outsource operations to third party service providers, that offer scalable business process outsourcing solutions and have proven expertise in the telecom and media space.

At 4G Info Source, we understand the challenges of the telecom and media industries. We work with some of the world's leading providers of telecom and media services, learning every single day, while we continue to add value to them and simplify the lives of their end-customers.Core applications in Telecom are:

  • 1. End-to-End Application Development
  • 2. Application Maintenance and Support
  • 3. Migration and Upgrade